Things not thought about in company gym

  1. Changing in the locker room
  2. of said locker room, seeing my co-workers get undressed
  3. of said co-workers, a disturbing poportion of them have no issue with streaking across the locker room
  4. of said streakers, some do not streak and instead that a leisurely stroll
  5. of said strollers, one is a total muscle freak
  6. of said freak, he smiled at me when I was getting dressed

Creep factor is past the red, broke the glass, and is making 360 degree loops around the gauge. I’m taking a F’ing cattle prod in next time. I’m going to get all University police on him and Don’t taze me bro! if he so much as leaves my center vision.

You may call my Andy and this is Shawshank.

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