BBQ from last weekend

Well we had a few of you loyal reader out last weekend for the very disappointing OU vs UT game. I really cant’ say much about it other than we played like a bunch of scared little kids. Maybe I just expect the Horns to be that bad arse team of yesteryear. Stripping the ball, interceptions, forcing fumbles, etc. We were just a fierce team…not to be F’ed around with. Now.. its is like a nursery school for Colt.

MOOOOVING on! I went shopping with the dynamic duo of Toby and Elvin the day before the game. Besides the typical flurry of gay suggestions that I switch team from Toby (in your dreams bud…..which you can just NOT tell me about) we managed to stock up on all the necessary fixins for a proper BBQ.

The next day I was up a 4am to worship the BBQ gods. Starting with a nice fire of coals and moving on to a mix of Hickory and Mesquite. It was round 5:30 am or so when the sun started to peak around the hill and the rosters start to crow. I tell you…it was a piece of heaven right there.

*The gold colored thing you see there is the “foil hat” I put on the Brisket. After a couple of hours of smoking fat side down you want to flip it and put a hat on it.*

During the smoking I put on some Brisket (which I spent all week eating), Ribs (on the left), and beer can chicken. First off let me tell you that this was some of the best damn Brisket I have ever had. I know I didn’t “nail it” like some of these professional BBQ cooks. Buy hey, when you got a fresh brisket sizzling right of the grill and the juice just over flowing the plate….sure beats a BBQ house hands down.

As I said I cooked us up some ribs. Now I have done ribs twice before and they turned ok. I mean that…. just ok. I never really cooked them the way they need to be cooked. This time however I smoked the devil out of’em. Six full hours of smoke and I tell you they fell right off the bone when I was putting them on the plate. Some mighty fine ribs…I really do like they way the turned out.

Beer can chicken….ok. I am getting sick of making beer can chicken. Its almost to easy and to tell you the truth. I would rather smoke ribs for six hours then a B.C.C. for two. The flavor, the smell, the everything ……. well. You get the idea.

All in all the BBQ was great and that was really about all that day that was great. Freaking Horns….

*By the way I improvised a grease trap for my grill. A Shiner Bock beer can held by a coat hanger. Now you know how we won the war against Mexico

EDIT: I was implying the ability of improvising in the face of challange. Not some sort of slang or something. Don’t get your panties in a twist*

3 thoughts on “BBQ from last weekend”

  1. Bryan,You, my dreams? Aww how sweet that you think yourself worthy of that much of my attention. Now if your name started with Long and that was an adjective to describe the next word, then I’d have to have some naughty dreams, but even then, it would probably have to be someone else’s head 😉 Loves ya!Toby


  2. That’s the tame version of what I was GOING to say, I figured though that what little readership you have probably wouldn’t appreciate ( in the disgusting not lack of humor sense ) the level of depravity I was going to plumb. You however would probably enjoy a good depraved plumbing.🙂 Toby


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