Government Abuse

Government…tracking a blogger near you!

El Linko

The modern day search for/the Grendel(s) has netted the United States Government a new and powerful tool. It is a computer web searcher of some sorts and it allows Imperial officials to search out “bad guys” on the interweb and I assume to go blow them up. We usually blow things up…even when they are already blown up. I guess to prove that we do it better. And we do….

Dark Web’s capabilities are also being used to study the online presence of extremist groups and other social movement organizations. Chen sees applications for this Web mining approach for other academic fields.

The “Dark web”, as it is called, also helps Imperial officials to track just about anybody they deem worth tracking. Say… political opponents, opponent political organizations, political action groups, anti-government dissenters, upset people with the government, and people demanding better service at the airport. All sorts of useful stuff…

Which….um… for the record. I pay my taxes….please don’t kill me

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