Government Abuse

Carol Anne Gotbaum

El linko de facto ex post newpapero for the storyo

Carol Anne Gotbaum died just the other day. She ended up involuntarily taking her own life when police arrested her for….well nothing really. Mrs. Gotbaum, a mother and seems like a normally nice woman, was arrested for protesting the level of customer service she received at an air port.

Upset that she was not allowed to board a plan that appears to not have left the tarmac, she got (understandably) upset. Now normally you can show your frustration with a company and demand to speak to a manager. You may go through normal channels to exercise your rights as a customer. You can, as the person that is paying, DEMAND the level of service you have paid for. That is unless you are at any of the following: ANY government building or agency (specifically the congressional building when General Petraeus is speaking), ANY University (when a government official or presidential candidate speaking), OR ANY airport, seaport, or any other center of mass transit.

She took her own life by trying to get the hand cuffs off of her and some how managed to choke herself to death….
while left alone ….
in a room ….
with no one to supervise her ….
while she was in custody ….
for a new “whatever” crime ….


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