New grill

Hot diggity dog! I got a new grill!

Work decided to give me a nice bonus, which is a huge relief! The bills situation is about the same and my mother is starting to pull in some income finally. Long story there, sort version: Mom worked at a clinic, accounting lady was corrupt, stole a lot of money, company went under, mom lost her job. She bounced back by taking a job at Sears until she can find a clinic job again. Till then we are tight on money.

So here I am, a few bucks richer and I am trying to decide what to spend my money on. I’ve been dying to try out the Chinese restaurant close to me, The Hao Ling Kat, but eating out just seems silly at a time like this. Course bills comes to mind but I am not really exciting about paying them off. They like to call every day and try to harass me and frankly…..I don’t give a hoot if they aren’t getting my money when they want it. Besides, what can they do to my credit? Already got a house, truck, and job. Not to mention years of good history! Any bean counter can look at the numbers and recognize a down slump.

Aye, so my point. Well wifey pointed out that I have been wanting a new grill for a long time now. I already have two BUT grill number one is a little Weber grill that I used for cooking a few hamburger patties. I would put anything larger than four patties on it. Oh don’t get me wrong! Its the perfect size for cooking cats or other small meals, specially when the bigger grills take so much charcoal/wood to get going.

My big grill is one of those barrel grills you see for $60 at the local shop-n-steal. You’ve seen it, it looks like a barrel cut into two. Handy fella! Came in handy for my 4th of July BBQ when I was cooking for about a dozen folk or so. Problem is that the grill has two giant holes in it where the rust had its way. It also has about half of the bottom rusted out. I use tin sheeting to keep my coals in but those of you with a chemical back ground know that hot tin is toxic when converted to a gas. No bueno

Not to mention I do not have a smoker!

Well not anymore! Wifey shoved some bills in my hand, wrote a note and stapled it to my shirt and sent me to the market. I was to buy me a grill….with a smoker! Yippie!

No lie, when I got home I went straight to building my new grill-o-love right there in the back property. I think god was showing me a little love too! Not a single mosquito came to investigate the back of my knee.

It was a pretty day and not hot at all…just something about that day was magic. A man and his grill….should be a book title!

Well I got a lot of help from my mother and my son to get the grill together. Wifey helped big time by keeping the CLG (cute little girl) out of the mess. Nothing I would hate worse than smashing her little toes with a cast iron grill.

The instructions were obviously written by Rain Main and were a total pain in the arse to follow. It was pretty much built-by-picture and from that point on it went pretty smooth.

From start to finish I would say it took my all of two hours to put it together. Most of that time sitting on the tail gate looking at the instructions and cursing.

I added a few pictures so you can see my new beauty. I wuv it sooooo much !

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