For Crystal

This is for you Mrs. Finger Condom

Bryan Presents: Internet Nannies
(Nannies of the internet)
Today we w00t you, Mrs. Internet Nanny of manners.
(Mrs. Show me how to behave)
You’ve told us the real way to handle ourselves: even though you were never asked
(Way to step up to the plate)
“Your humor is racist and you should remove that post”, “you don’t need to tell your kids that”, and other words of wisdom that only you have and we do not.
(Ooooh Wise sage)
If you have a beef, you’ll chip in with your guiding light. If there’s a hurt feeling, you’ll step in to scream “hey don’t make him feel bad!”. And if there’s and injustice to someone that totally is not affected by what someone said, you’re there to defend them without even asking.
(Huh….I’m not even invooooolved)
So whip out the keyboard and start typing your opinions oh wonderful internet nanny. If there is one thing we need more of its your opinions..
(Nannies of the internet)

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