Its a done deal!

Today marks the day that I signed over the title over to the new owner of my former 2003 Silver Ford Focus ZX5!

I have this hate to sell it but love to sell it attitude about it. I wasn’t ever excited about having it but the car does have a lot of memories. Countless trips to the local disc golf courses…heh yeah my friends alway knew if I was playing. You would see the silver beetle, as Matt calls it, out in the parking lot.

I remember the trips with my friends to various places. And then the British couple that came with me for a day. I also remember to trip out to Burnet or where ever it was for the Willie Nelson concert.

And the X rated memories. 🙂

I…well, we bought the car (my ex-wife) back in 2003. It was right after my beloved Nissan 240SX super zippy car chunked on the transmission and left me stranded at the local Thai restaurant. Man I loved that car………. really loved that car.

…..oh right! The Ford. We bought the car in 2003 on of all days, Sept. 11th! Yeah, I bought an American car on September 11th! neat huh.

We got a nice deal since the sales man was my then brother-in-law. I got what is called the “A” plan. We got 3% interest rate and a hefty discount. The odd thing about it is that my ex picked the car out for me and then “let” me be the one to drive it. *sigh* oh well…that is how I became the owner and driver of the Silver Beetle. Now I hope you folks understand that I DID NOT pick out that car. Which also sheds some light on why I got divorced also. I know, you folks have been aching to know for such a long time.

Well anyways…I’ve had that car through some of the most interesting periods of my life. Divorce, Dating, Concerts, Stuff, Marriage, more kids, moving countless times, etc etc…. after a while the car becomes a part of the story. Part of your life I guess.

So when I moved out the country I figured that it was about time to get rid of my beloved Ford and get a truck. And plus the car was getting old plus Ford had some known issues on my model. The breaks always sound like they are down to the numbs even if they aren’t. And God forbid you ask Ford to fix it…. oh! and the wheel noise when you drive it. Sounds like your wheel is going to fall off. Other than that the car is perfectly fine and several years old. So I decided it was time to sell it!

Up it went on Craig’s list and four days later a nice lady was giving me several thousand dollars during my lunch break. The title just came in today and I signed it over to Mrs. Nice Lady. Now my car will be used to transport a soon to be 19 year old college student daughter and all 900 of her friends to various events. Hopefully for another healthy set of years of enjoyment and happy memories

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