Damn spider monkey!

Well….from time to time I get migraines. Its a no-fun event that usually has me in bed in deep hallucination’s or at the porcelain throne in deep worship. Its hard to descrip what a migraine feels like but try to Imagen what a red hot spear shoved into your eye socket would feel like….oh and its being twisted into your eye socket. Take that pain and increase it about 5 times…. I think that comes pretty close. Yeah…..I dare any would-be-torture to try to win me over. I doubt that they can come close……WHICH IS TOTALLY A JOKE N.S.A.. Not really serious about that!

The point is that I had a migraine last night. I apparently woke my wife up in my fevered screams in agony. She said that I kept yelling about finding my way out of the forest to get the spider monkey from chewing my head. And apparently I was hitting my head in an attempt to kill this spider monkey.

The part I remember was sitting up at the edge of my bed drinking water. My wife tells me that it took four super strength headache pills and an hour for me to realize where I was.

Weird thing is, is that I don’t ever get headaches. Ever! I get migraines. So when I start to feel a little pain upstairs it should be a warning to take action. I neglected to do that in a vain attempt to fall sleep before it started to hurt. See that is what we call abortive action, which is to basically fall asleep before a migraine can start. Thus, aborting the pain all together.

In my case I apparently didn’t fall asleep in time as I remember being in pain before I lost cognitive awareness and was hoping to fall asleep. Instead I was attacked by a bastard spider monkey!

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