Crazy as crazy is…

Wow, I make a post about B.S. and K-Fed going to battle over custody of the poor chidlren from their marriage. Not more than a week goes by and now B.S. is in the news again!

This time she made a little mistake that can turn into a huge….HUGE problem for her. For me its good cheap entertainment.

I can’t say I ever liked B.S. because she reminded me of a direct report of mine from over a decade ago. I had strong feelings of dislike for this direct report of mine. She was lazy, whiny, pompous ass, who tried to con her way out of things. She just happened to look like B.S. So its nothing that B.S. did before. Its just disinterest through association.

Yeah, so anywho. B.S.’s life was uneventful and boring…. then she started going around and kissing other girls. Peaks my interest a little

Then she gets married and then unmarried all during a potty break, so I missed it all. And it wasn’t until K-Fed started boinking her that she just went ape sh*t.

Dropping babies, having more babies, Drugs, Boozes, umbrellas, smashing cars, using her children as dash board bling, getting in rehab, out of rehab, into rehab again, showing her coochie, and now…..intent to assassinate someone. That someone happened to be taking pictures of her when she was leaving her hotel. She got mad, like usual, and said something to the effect of “I’ll kill you….I’ll hire someone to kill you”. Um……g*d d@mn B.S.!

“..I’m going to eat your liver..”

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