28th Birthday

My birthday was actually back in May but here I am posting in whatever month this is……really what month is it? July! Oh hell…..ok so this is way over due.

Birthday was great! We ate at the Tokyo steak house in Austin Minor. They put on the normal crap show of stacked onion volcano, egg flipping, etc but it is still fun to see still. Shannon loved the volcano. I don’t think she has seen fire before and was totally floored by the scene.

Alas, there were some people that I missed that I wish was there. Brian, Shane, Mikela, Pat and a few others. Still, the friends I had there was good and we enjoyed the evening.

I did manage to turn a few people on the hot Sakai and Monica showed me her cold Sakai …..and yes it is wonderful.

I managed to get a few pics of the evening. And as I am told I managed to call the manager a “Chinese son of a bitch”. This was apparently in response to his learning it was my birthday and which of course called for something humiliating. Knowing me, drunkenness and humiliating …. I am either on the side I like or I am vexed on the receiving end. judging by the recounts of a banging drum, 30 little Asian people, and an entire restaurant looking at me….I can figure out why I said that.

Never the less I am not forbidden from this restaurant yet. At least there are a few left….

Happy Birthday to me….two months later.

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