Thinkings about Cameron Diaz

What got me started about Cameron Diaz today is the movie “In Her Shoes”that the Wifey and I watched last night. It is a chick flick and I actually liked it. I think it was well written and made a bold move to steer clear of the line of crap that Sandra Bullock used to put out. It basically wasn’t your average chick flick. I don’t know, go rent it for yourself and you’ll discover it had somewhat higher levels of thinking and complex thought that you don’t see in chick movies. Not that guy movies are better…. ok well moving on.

I never really had a physical attraction to Cameron Diaz. I am not going to bash on her physical dimensions but I will say that they are oddly matched. I do have to say that her mammary glands are or were at some point boyishly small. I will say that her back side is smoking hot and her thighs are very nice. That’s about all I can say about her..I mean go look at her. I don’t know how she became a sex symbol.

As for her acting, I very much wish she wouldn’t. She has the same character in every movie. When she does change “character” I can’t help but to expect some hunter to burst onto the set and attempt a mercy killing before he realizes that there is no downed animal. Its just Cameron Diaz! Bubble headed, ditzy, boy-friend searching, blond who needs to be the center of a romancing. Could we possibly do Jennifer Aniston instead for these movies. She at least comes off as intelligent, sexy, well proportioned, and for the most part…..interesting.

So there it is. I am no fan of Cameron Diazs’ acting or her career. Who knows I could totally eat my words one day or meet her in person and find out that she is a darling. But from the cheap seats..she gets a thumbs down……well unless I can see her in those undies again 😛

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