The truck


Well….I took the truck in for service, My Chevy 2007 Colorado ( hope google picks that one up 😛 ). I think the last time I left you folks on this was the CD player was not working and one of the speakers was blown.

Now it seems that the transmission is having a bit of a fit and keeps reducing power on me. See….about every other time you start the truck the transmission light will come on. About half the time when the light comes on you get a message on the digital display board that the power is reduced. Its a bit of a problem for someone that has to go up hills a lot….which would be me. Its embarrassing to be creeping up a hill at 30 mph while everyone is wizzing past you at 60 mph.

So the truck is in the chop shop and for the time being I am lent a Chevy HHR. It basically looks like half a hearse. It is black and has all the windows in all the rights spots to look like one. I don’t know what the body designer was thinking when this was going through approval. Maybe he was getting divorced and felt like a vindictive son of a biscuit.

When you plop your fanny into the drivers seat is when you can really tell what the interior designer was thinking, an obvious and stark departure from our ill fated exterior designer. S/He must have been thinking “Space ships…..we’ll do the whole thing like a space ship”!

Mission accomplish buck-o! If you ever hop in a Chevy HHR then you probably feel like me. It was driving a space ship ass backwards. You have this narrow front window with the roof support RIGHT where you don’t need them the most. Look out the read view mirror is nauseating. It feels like you are looking down a tunnel! You also have your drivers side blind spot enhanced since the side roof supports are right in the way.

My whining aside…the little thing is a spitfire. I really didn’t mean to hit 0-60 at half warp and I am sorry to the truck that I accidentally scared when I came blitzing down the highway and almost dry humped your bumper.

Lets hope the truck is fixed soon. I don’t know how much of this low riding space ship I can handle.

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