Say hello to my little friend

9:40 pm, El Rancho De Braco

It’s been a hard long day at work for my wife. She works at a clinic and spends most of her day dealing with medic-aid patients all day. What is left of her day after the medic-aid people are the real patients.

She has just finished feeding the lil’ one and put her to bed. She is worn out and asks me to do the dishes knowing full well that half of them will get done.

Making her way to the master bathroom she engages in womanly duties. She begins to hear a softy dull scratching noise. She really can’t pin where its coming from… she looks around and….where?…..there it is! She sees this staring her in the face

She came out of our room screaming! And I kid you not, this thing had to be a foot long and an inch wide. It was freaking huge!

I wrestled with it for about five minutes on the ceiling of my bathroom and managed to get it into the pooper. *FLUSH*

I told my wife that if she is taking time to smell the roses starts to get tickled to jump up and run.

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