The truck

Not so truckin’ anymore

Well….since I now have a truck it was about time to put the mark of the State on it. I went down to the TxTag office to get my little sticker for being a good boy.

and well…you just can’t stop there if a major electronic store just haaaaaappens to be right next door. So two Johnny Cash CD’s later I am on the road!

With shaking hands of a 12 year old at Christmas unwrapping the box he knows is his BB rifle or maybe that of a crack addict….I unwrapped my JC album and popped it into the CD player of my truck.

*wwwrrrrrrrrr* and it gets spit back out with ‘CD is unreadable”

So I try again…..*wwwrrrrrrrrr* *sigh*

So my CD player doesn’t work and I can’t get rhythm that JC has. At least not in the truck…for now.

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