Flower power

Guajillo tree/bush

Heh, I started a post about my xeriscaping project with the Guajillo bush and I go lost in some long rant about all the projects that I have on my plate. So now lets focus on the Guajillo bush post and I can talk about my projects in an another post.

Ok so xeriscaping is one of my projects for the house. I really don’t like to water my lawn and I’ll admit I like the idea of having efficiencies in my works. Even if it comes from my landscape. Not to mention that most of the xeriscaping down here in Texas involves using native plants which are already hardy, drought tolernt, and resistant to diseases.

Enter the Guajillo bush

It is a large bush/small tree that grows 9′ to 15′ wide and 9′ to 15′ tall. It provides a medium density growth which makes it perfect for a privacy bush. It also emits a soft vanilla small when its buds a blossoming. Finally, its pods can be used to make a sweet jam or its pollen….one or the other.

I picked this pant cause it is safe for the kids, smells nice, meets my xeriscaping demands, and makes a fine privacy bush.

Somewhere down the line I can do a complete write up on the bush, how to plant it, and how to maintain it. With pictures of course!

Next I am going to be working on those damn Cedars and replacing them with Live Oak.

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