El Rancho de Braco, ME ME ME ME

The Martini Procrastination

Monday was about prep’ing the house for the cabling for the home network. I had it all planned out. I would take off a skirt panel near one of the phone jacks in one of the target rooms. Then I would determine how to remove the under-paneling for the floor. Then determine how to locate the floor joist thingy and determine how to fine the phone jack location from there.

So what actually happened?


So I ended up moving the reclaimed brick into piles while I stewed in my intense buzz. I wasn’t about to crawl into a cramped area in that condition.

OH GOOD NEWS! Wifey and I are heading out to shop for a pick-up truck after work! I wanted a Dodge but I think she has her heart set out for the Chevy. I tried to tell her that they found the Chevy by the levy but it’s not use. She gets what she wants and I am totally cool with that 🙂

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